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the view over my left shoulder at work

Hi guys,

So the switch from night owl to office girl has been a bit of a bitch in terms of sleeping hours and i would probably be late every day if not for this baby here who wakes me up each morning by jumping on my bed and trying to snuggle.

This evening the retard burrowed her way into one of my envelopes (no idea what she thought she’d find, fish?!) and couldnt get out

Apologies, I’m forever trying to get good shots of her but i can’t get her to sit still unless she has one end stuck in a brown envelope.. maybe when she’s older and less hyperactive. Or possibly she has ADHD, in which case i will never have any good photos of her.

After work this evening i attended La Risonanza V, Meridian Choir’s fifth installment of the risonanza series. An evening of flurriedly trying to battle off the rain and the working crowd rush at the train station, its been a year and I’ve forgotten how truly horrible it can be, trying to get out of the CBD at 7pm.

Managed to sneak backstage after the concert to see the choir despite the angry looking stage crew bouncers or whatever you call them. I think this pretty much qualifies me as groupie expert 101, no?