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Hi Guys

As you get older you start realizing things don’t always pan out the way you expect. For example, i’m not the millionaire artist i thought i was going to be by the age of 18. Wipe that judgmental look off your face because i draw a mean stick man. Also, after watching the Matrix i fully expected to gain professor-level knowledge of economics via trading on the neopets stock market. Didnt work out. And more recently i have realized that the expensive little animal we have bought recently isn’t the gentle demure purebred rag doll we were expecting..

my cat’s a psycho.

Everyday around eleven pm like CLOCKWORK she starts mewing nonstop till you let her out of the cage, at which point she starts chasing her tail frantically.
After she catches it and chews on it only to realize it is not food (seriously its not like we don’t feed her why doesn’t she just eat the damn fish!) and tries to get our attention. She does this by a) dumping her head in the water bowl b) sliding around under the sofa and popping out to catch our toes like some ninja, or c) sitting on my laptop keypad the minute i open my macbook so i can’t use it unless i play with her.

Obligatory photo of said psycho cat:

You see where i am coming from now.

Anyway, i didnt come on today to ramble on about Athena. Goddess of war and wisdom, seriously, should have named her Artemis, goddess of the hunt. Of her own tail. What was that i was saying about keeping the topic off my cat? Oh yeah.

Met up with Christel today after what seems like forever

Finding ourselves at Canele, Raffles. Not the best outlet in the way of lighting, but strategically positioned near both a bookstore and gong cha and a bunch of other arbitrary stores.

A light lunch because I was going to meet Klaus for dinner at Timbre, Arts house. Not the killer badass vampire, but close. The HSS FOC 2012 group I’m in! On a side note, any freshies coming to NTUHSS, you can check us out in the photos below. How this works is, you check us out, and then we check you out, and then you send us a message, and then we exchange phone numbers.. yeah. Dinner.

the 4 cheese pizza! (personal favorite)

their famous roast duck pizza.

From left: Olly, Joan, Me, Alfred, Rom and his five minutes of fame, Jieling, and Candice.

While walking back it struck us that the night view in singapore is truly spectacular. Tomorrow, i resume my position at Havas Media full time, which is something i haven’t mentioned much to anyone unless i know you personally. Either way, it looks like i’ll be seeing this skyline quite a lot. Personally i am thinking all those long train rides down to town for work is going to give me a lot of time to finish my reading list. Last night i finally finished The Chronology of Water by Lidia Yuknavitch and earlier today, lady windermere’s fan by Oscar Wilde. I cannot emphasize how amazing it feels to be reading at my own volition once again.. and it looks like this summer is going to be full of reading, and writing.

Not so different from college life except the obvious financial stability that comes packaged, huh.