Currently listening to:Fix You by Swedish house mafia Alesso remix

At my doorstep.

It seems as though the impending finals necessitate an obligatory loss of social life and an onslaught of stressed and depressed moods. I am slowly figuring out that it apparently also means you drink a lot of frozen coke (no seriously this fridge i have no words it freezes everything including the eggs we tried to crack for breakfast operative word being tried) and start shuffling at 4am in the morning.

Friends, i have been making things.


1. Breakfast

What you don’t see in this photo are a full on discussion on the passionate meiji milk cause the night before via online channels and a 7am exclamation of JEMMA THESE EGGS ARE FROZEN!

2. Mixtapes

Acoustic-ish silk on the ears to ease the pain of the afternoon heat
beats that induce spontaneous dancing for the dead of the night

I am particularly pleased with the second mix- the starting song is a cover of Coldplay’s Fix You that will change your life. Granted, the first fifty seconds are rather perplexing beats but after that it’s liquid gold all the way. GOODNESS. Credit’s go to Shinks for introducing it.

Also quickly learning that in college everything is commensurate in terms of food.

You are better than ham but not as good as bacon.
This song is like poached eggs on pancakes.
THIS PWNZ SMOKED SALMON OH MY WORD!!!!!! (insert requisite amount of exclamation marks here)

3. New obsessions
And since we’re on the topic of music, here are another two recommendations for your ears.

From Marcus:

Paul McCartney’s “My Valentine”
featuring what could be the two most perfect beings on the face of this earth
Natalie Portman (Seriously this woman is intelligent and beautiful and altogether not very good for the self esteem) and Johnny Depp (who is on the GUITAR and this made everyone in the room male and female alike go weak in the knees)

Going to just branch off a little and say again that the guy from The Civil Wars who looks like Johnny Depp has an amazing voice and everyone who hasn’t listened to him needs to stop reading this and go and listen to a bunch of his tracks.

and From Shinks

Alesso’s BBC Radio 1 essential mix tape
Two hours of tunes from my new favorite DJ
And yes ‘new favorite dj’ title has to go to anyone who crafted the wonder that is the swedish house remix of cold play’s fix you. It was an epiphany in audio form is what i am saying.

And things i am not making much of recently:

1. Sense

That’s about right i think. The past few days immersed in the words not my own, of people far too dead to be having brain crushes on. This keeps happening, guys. In my J2 days i was very much in love with Tchaikovsky and was convinced we were MEANT TO BE except for one tiny problem- he was very inconsiderately dead. Last semester I was much taken by the words fluttering from Emerson’s brain (also dead) and this semester i find myself with the most ridiculous brain crush on Socrates.

This needs to stop happening because if i continue down this road instead of getting married i am going to find myself in jail slapped with charges related to necrophilia. That did not come out the way i meant it to. I don’t want to sleep with any dead people. Nevermind. There are things you just cannot talk about on the internet without it getting awkward.

On a relatively more normal topic, I find myself so exhausted from simply being a tenor for the ideas and words of other literary forms, but at the same time so, so glad. Reading and writing all day are all i really ever wanted to do in life, and now i am legitimized to do so via the excuse of academic discourse. All day, curled up under the furriest of throws, with the warmest of caffeine fixes, with a stack of books. Yum.