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At about 4:07pm, a johnny depp lookalike turns his voice towards us and says

“if you’re not sad now, you’re gonna be.”

Joy: “yeah. sorry ’bout that.”

John Paul turns to Joy and says in a guttural voice- Are you sad yet?
This is so awesome, because then we can sell them after the show!

We laugh.

Joy is cursing me right now
She throws back her head, i can imagine, and laughs
Little bit different key how we normally do, little bit lower
yeah i noticed that
little bit lower
later you’re going to be like wow that was really fun and off the cuff, how you reverted to the old version in the wrong key
i just love how you did that!
just keeping it fresh for me!
can i borrow your towel!

An afternoon with The Bacchae and The Civil Wars.

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