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Saturday evening with the chronologically confused girl who is now legal but insists she’s sixteen.Ive possibly mentioned this before but my JC math tuition teacher emphatically swore that she was eighteen for two straight years despite having two full grown kids, and it seemed to work: she looked not a day over twenty eight. But then again, she used to wear a tiara in tuition and use my phone to prank call random contacts when i went to the restroom, so.

Besides being vaguely alarmed at the president’s presence downstairs (literally, they were having the singapore symphony orchestra benefit dinner at level one) and being given the death glare by the neighbors, i’d say the ritz was pretty much the perfect place for a girl’s twenty first, if only for the view and walk in wardrobe.

In other news i have been completely GRIPPED by the idea of rainbow colored hair.

Also, this

and Dance Dares.


Thank you all for your emails and messages regarding the Plain Vanilla post i did last week- seriously, i talk about hair and facials and no one listens to me, and i mention a bunch of cupcakes and you guys go and buy them up. Rather bemused by the fact that all my favorite flavors were sold out when i went back, guys, if you’re going down to PV anytime next week HANDS OFF the red velvet/ white chocolate strawberry cupcakes, i call dibs.