Currently listening to:Entr’acte by National Symphony Orchestra

This is what i go to school for even if its a real bore ~~

Assignment period is descending upon us like a heavy haze once again, i feel vaguely cheated in the didnt we just finish our exams?!?!?! way. What is up with time. Could you slow down so i can enjoy the last vestiges of my teenage years, plz?

Stayed up with Elyn to work on our paper till 5am, i wrote until my face literally hurt. Don’t ask me what the connection is because i do not know (unfortunately my face does). Also i woke up to a ridiculous craving for ice cold snow strawberries and my dad posting on my Facebook wall an article titled ‘How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You’. What every girl wants to wake up to, honestly. He is really not looking forward to our new family member’s arrival, i am thinking.

Went down to NUS to surprise my two favorite dramakids Alexa and Su with roses during their rehearsal for tomorrow’s play- they’re taking theater studies, something i would never dare to take because despite being a dramatic person i cannot act to save my life. This is not to say i have not tried. My attempts at acting all go something along the lines of (recite lines like a zombie) (start getting self conscious) (am i subconsciously putting on an accent?!?!?! do i sound contrived?!??!?!? is my partner laughing at me?!?!?!?!?!? this is horrible. quick lets do something to distract the audience)

always end up saying something stupid and completely unrelated seriously

i think my point was that i would fail this mod.

Had dinner with Alexa, Su and Syaf at Clementi point (PIONEER TRIP THERE AND THEY HAVE BASKIN ROBINS this got me VERY excited because my only memories of baskin robins are associated with renting highlands and they trigger in me a feeling of cold air and popcorn popping) been too long since I’ve caught up with su and syaf really too long

Also, wishing Serinder happy birthday Aussie time till we got chased out by tired starbucks baristas

I cannot stress how much i am consistently grateful to the founders of Skype. I googled them: Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis we are eternally indebted.

All in all a pretty good night about to get better with the only thing that matters now- sleep.