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I am perpetually annoyed with my hair’s stubborn refusal to retain anything i do to it. During prom i had it curled, and within ten minutes of stepping out of the salon it was straight like rebonded hair. Fine, i said, you want to be straight? I bought a straightening iron and took to my hair with utmost enthusiasm during my term in media, so consumed with the desire to have neat straight black hair like those girls in the commercials, but all it did was curl around my shoulders like a lazy cat in the noonday sun.

This morning i woke up with a head of intensely pink hair, and as the day went by i swear it just started turing color like one of those mood rings. I COULDNT BELIEVE IT. By the end of the day my hair was a strawberry blonde streaked with rather muted pink, still lovely, but i was utterly perplexed, where did all the pink go?! From a rather violent pink to a muted strawberry, my friends call me shortcake now and I don’t know how to react to this.

yes i am AWARE that it looks orange in photographs but i assure you in real life it is a mix of very pale pink and platinum. i don’t know why it doesn’t show in photographs. my sister’s way of showing me she loves me is whatsapping me a picture of the lorax and telling me i look like it. f to the ml.

This is from saturday at Resorts World Sentosa: (cue lexy: “guys its starting to look like the only place we hang out is RWS!!!”


In any case, i like this current blend of blonde and strawberry very much, and i know my parents will much prefer it over the intense pink- they took to that with the same way one would regard a dead rodent. Im just rather baffled about my hair. I know i used to say i like that my hair has a mind of its own, but thats a little too much personality now thank you. Its almost as if it heard me when i woke up and went “WHAT HAPPENED MY HAIR IS PINK” and decided to rectify itself. I feel like force feeding it flu medicines so it will just lie low for awhile and take whatever i do to it compliantly.

GOODNESS things with personalities are so tiring to handle. This may or may not also apply to human beings. i don’t know.

Met up with the newly christened Alexa (previously aka XQ, the boyfriend, qt3.142, significant other, etc etc etc) for dinner and to work on our respective assignments, can you say mm-mm asian food or what.

Pretty much how i feel right now as well.

Pulling my hair out (ok i meant that figuratively, do not start dropping out of your own accord please hair) over this assignment in starbucks right now actually, feeling so incoherent. What is it about a long break that affects one’s cogency so? Took a fifteen minute break to write this entry in hopes that it would kick start the writing process which is starting to feel so, so contrived, and I’m one of the only people still sitting here in starbucks receiving pitying looks from the staff.

to be honest now that hssweek is over, this is going to be my life for the next month. Okay? Okay.