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So this could be a post on how not to take photos (set my ISO too high from the afternoon and all the night photos turned out looking like film shots) or how to shock salespeople (you should have seen her face when i said “twenty candles!” and she was like “you mean.. two big ones?”) but really what i dropped in to say today was that her royal highness, Candice Choo, Queen of HSS, turns twenty this week.

Spent much of the evening with am trea drinking wonderful soup (more on that next time), dodging the happy couple at JP while we got some cake and trying to hide ourselves in the room as sneakily as possible. One part design, one part quick thinking and strange acting on Edwin’s part, and one part Candice’s sweet unsuspecting nature, but i’d say the surprise went pretty well, the rest of the night drowned in laughter and antics. And i do mean antics in every sense of the word.

Happy birthday, your royal highness!xx

In other news this is what i’d been dealing with the whole morning:

le thick skinned

Andrea and sexylexy screaming down the entire canteen WE ARE GODDESSES!!!! and in unspoken parenthesis, not infants!!! consequently scaring random passerbys innocently enjoying their morning bee hoon in can B. You really never do get bored with this bunch.