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PGC sans Ranice, 2011.

The PGC wanted to go cycling today despite my vehement SERIOUSLY, GUYS, SERIOUSLY?! and i found myself almost leaving the house in a sundress because a casual clothes person, i am not. I can count the number of shorts i own on half the fingers on one hand, and they’re all on campus. Five minutes before i gave up and threw a fit about the unrelenting summer that is singapore (ie. WHY CANT WE HAVE FOUR SEASONS IF WE WERE CYCLING IN FALL I COULD TOTALLY SUIT UP), i found fbts!!!!!!!!

I really don’t know why i’m updating you on all that. Anyway, it was also Connie’s birthday surprise, every time i see her she literally glows. The moral of the story here is to be a dragonboater, kids.

these girls are off the hook. It feels like I’m on a tv serial whenever I’m with them, conversation bats across the table so rapidly and fluently, exploding ever so often into outright laughter, if you could bottle the PGC up- well. You’d be rich.

Also, this is what i have been obsessed by the past week- introduced by hidhir to marcius who then introduced it to me:

marcius: no, these are moments of epicness

hidhir: you’re lucky. i was obsessed during my exam period, if my GPA drops, i know what to blame. (and then) I REGRET NOTHING.

i introduced it to xiaoqi and she now says i’ve ruined boys for her forever with this new standard.

its so good. SO GOOD.

I need to reevaluate my life decisions ie. what am i doing with my life?!!?!? BRB going to quit school and join an acapella group now.

Or, alternatively, you know. Become royalty.