currently listening to:elective amnesia by rise against

the study of the alternative,
that which medical psychology cannot explain

the study of imagination,
inexplicable human behavior. choice of words.
transcending languages

filling in the blanks left by human geography
the study of not the neck
but the curve in the way you hold up your neck
not the waist
but the sway in your hips as you walk
not the gentle cadences of your voice
(although we cover that too)
so linguistically elegant
but the pregnant air between unsaid words

the study of detail
in the innocent move of sweeping your hair over your shoulder and exposing the neckline
the difference between intention and action
the study of human behavior in groups (as sociology students call it)
but focusing instead on the consciousness of being watched, being inhibited
and the consequent snapback rubberband tension of freedom

the study of character
what makes ambiguity so deliciously interesting
the economics of human relationships
with love as your universal currency

the study of the human soul
the drowning in the luxury of language
the removal of the subject itself from the equation
the study of yourself

because in time,

you’ll never be able to divorce yourself from your words, your personality spills over from your fingers and stains everything you touch. handprints everywhere. smudges of your essence offered up for the world to see.

so exposed.