currently listening to:vampire by Antsy Pants
Status:zombie. as in, zombie from plants vs zombie, zombie.

in a little under forty eight hours




its been hours and hours since i last had some shut eye, i suspect once concussed i won’t see the light of day – not being some cryptic shithead here, i mean this literally, i expect to wake up when there is no longer daylight.

not going to pretend to even attempt some semblance of coherence, clear your head, sit down at your keyboard, and bleed.

1. hss movie night
was more heartwarming than i know how to say, I’m going to start sounding like one of those soppy over sentimental soap opera characters i hate so much, but every time someone came up to me and told me how much they enjoyed it/ how they felt it was really well done, my heart melted. judge not a book by its cover because my cover was stoned face, zombie, brain dead, did you just say something ok thanks but seriously! if i had facial muscles enough, i would have broken into a smile, maybe given you a hug.
as it is, here’s a virtual cyber hug right here.

2. talking
or more accurately, rambling incoherently en impromptu, at the event i was invited to speak at this afternoon. in parenthesis, i have not slept, i am not expected to make sense, dammit. warbled on a little about blogging to passionate young kids all eager and full of energy, wondered to myself how they had so much energy, may or may not have advised them solemnly not to take themselves so seriously when it comes to writing. oh dear.
thankyou for the invite,! will post up photos once i get them.

3. dinner
at Watami with William (another blogger i met at the event) and Xtel. stuffed ourselves silly with fine, fine japanese cuisine, went shopping and messed with halloween masks. came home and uploaded the photos of today, FACEBOOK PHOTO UPLOADER DOES NOT RECOGNIZE MY FACE ANYMORE, see la eat more japanese food turn into a fish ball SERVES YOU RIGHT.

Besides the above, Rumour Has It i might have faked pregnancy to get one of them reserved seats on the train, jumped out from behind a mirror in Aldo and shouted BOO to some annoying little kid (crap his mum saw.), had a staring NO BLINKING competition with another annoying little kid while mouthing i was the queen of the school bus back row in primary school, don’t mess, and held a lengthy conversation of accusatory nature with an inanimate object re: supposedly heavily caffeinated latte.

This may be the winter of our discontent, but it sure is a whole lot of fun. Assignment week can go do itself.

So, i dont even know how to express how tired i am anymore except, my eyes are freaking slits and won’t open properly. observe:

yes, pretty much.

wake me up when september- oh wait.
chronologically confused.