currently listening to:Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride by Lilo and Stitch OST
status:rather excited and running purely on caffeine.

look, friends, i posted a series of happy smiling faces just for you!!!! are you as excited as i am about this, or what.

1. lunch with XQ at LAI LAI CASUAL DINING, coming up with and trying to get her to adhere to The Plan.
2. HSSMMC cohesion pizza party, which, as denise put across so bluntly, is probably just HSS’ fancy way of saying bonding.
3. 5am, starving and spontaneous, with melissa in a 24 hour macdonalds somewhere in pioneer.
4. HSSMMC cohesion part 2: virtual cohesion, terrorizing and monopolizing everyone’s Facebook news feed.
5. trying to demonstrate how my eyes hold up pretty well against the lack of sleep, good job eyes i am proud of you good job.

in a completely logical procession of thought, cindy andrea and i are attempting another all-nighter today as part of our Get your shit together! life series. Hakuna Matata is still my life background music, okay, maybe not so much background because I’ve been singing it to everyone i see, this is not the point. i have received my first ever A+ for my first ever literature paper which made my week, informed my skeptical teacher that she was my NEW FAVORITE PERSON, completed a biz law presentation about half an hour ago, this also probably means i am on a roll.

drag my carcass out tomorrow morning, but right now i have heavily caffeinated starbucks which i believe, gives me a distinct advantage, so ALL SYSTEMS GO