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It seems like everyone is turning varying degrees of legal, celebrated three birthdays this weekend two of which were coming of age significant twenty ones. The weekend only really started at 5pm on Saturday when i met Samantha Kudus (i know its very odd to put someone’s full name on your blogpost but i think her surname is so awesome omg) from Oglivy PR at KPO, Somerset, for a sort of meeting/catch up session.

1. Oglivy’s Invisible Lives art installation preview on monday evening followed by the After Dark party.
2. MBS party by oglivy PR on the 11th november, all friends are invited woohoo!
3. head banged the table countless times for having to pass up on the LV flagship store launch party at MBS..

Oh well. Meetings with Sam are always really interesting in a pretty awesome way, that’s for sure. (:

Dropped by Bonafides after since i was in the area, to collect this gift card present from them as well as get the L’oreal hair mask. I know I’m procrastinating on the hair dying process post, but i promise it’ll be up by this week. Meanwhile, reiterating what i posted a few days down;

Call up Bonafides at 67372828 and quote “Bona Jem 11” to enjoy a $48 promotion for any one:

1. 45mins Radiance Face Treatment worth $108
2. 45mins Relaxing Body Massage worth $78
3. 90mins Classic Mani + Pedi worth $66
4. 90mins Hair Color worth $70 (T&C applies: extra $10-20 for hair length below shoulder)

*Hair and nail services only at Bonafides Prestige- the somerset outlet.
**Terms and conditions apply, call them up to check.
*** from now till 11th october.

Have fun!

Went down to Kovan for HanSheng’s 21st after- Angry Bird themed party although we looked neither angry or like birds..

that’s uni kids for you. i do believe its something like my first time posting up photos of university related stuff besides the lights in my room, so there you have some of the people i go to school with! Multitalented bunch of people who actually do their readings ergo pretty much spelling an uh oh for me.

today was also Ziyin’s twenty first party, of which i have no photos because they had some twenty thousand dollar camera and i looked at my own dslr which was sort of giving me the mummy please don’t take me out and compare me to the other camera please look so i just (quietly) tucked away the dslr into my bag and smiled for the other.

In other news, Ive been singing at the top of my voice everywhere i go and annoying the crap out of everyone within a two meter radius, and have also reached the stage of singing for cash, or rather, H&M vouchers, to fund my incessant shopping needs. Which isn’t that much different from what we used to do at the Hyatt except now i can kind of see myself standing in the middle of orchard road singing with a hat on the ground to fund whatever pair of shoes i’ll be eyeing in twenty years.