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Status:medically drowsy

Spent majority of the afternoon frolicking in the green grassy plains of Fort Canning- loljk i was so tired i actually fell asleep in the field while waiting for the blindfolded trio to arrive. Triple Birthday Threat, today was, for Danial, Asaad and Shruthi. The firsts of SNB to venture into the adulthood known as twenty. We’ve all agreed that we don’t mind turning twenty, twenty one, as much as we mind going on from there, after which i have decided that i am going to stop aging at twenty one. Ask me how old i am in ten years and i’ll tell you I’m twenty one. My ex tuition teacher has two secondary school kids and she tells me she’s twenty seven every time i see her. It seems to be a pretty good plan.

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Noise Level: Hazardous.

I finally figured out why I’ve been so tired recently- the medicines I’ve been taking are DROWSY MEDICINES. Now it all makes sense. I’ve been brandishing this fact at anyone who mentions that i fell asleep on the grass when i was supposed to be keeping a keen eye for the arrival of the blindfolded. A very human failing.

Happy birthday to the three of you, now that you’re twenty, we expect all sorts of mature and responsible behavior befitting adults. Starting with but not limited to driving the teenagers around, replying all texts promptly, and meeting your six monthly dental appointments.

who are we kidding.

we love you!

“anchor, v.: I drift, I drift, I drift, you stay.”