Currently listening to:i cant lie by maroon five
Status:really sleepy.

Filming today at Cineleisure with Kelly and Selena of Campus Magazine Singapore, it was a sort of interview slash blurb slash chattering away thing. Curiously tired although all i really did was walk up and down the aisle and blank out when faced with the camera, i blame the lingering flu. Stared at the camera with utmost seriousness and went I have run out of things to say. Have a nice day. which i suspect they’re going to edit out haha.

watched the replay of the film reel, exclaimed in dismay my face looks like a takopachi ball!!! went home and ate spaghetti anyway. SO. HUNGRY. only had one meal today thanks to the schedule that plagues even the public holidays, so i think that plate of spaghetti was justified.

Really, really tired. Before i crash, two things.
1. thank you all who sent in your Thank God I’m Hot photo entries for the butterfactory/CampusSG blogger collaboration, voting period commences tomorrow have fun being oogled at, hotsuff.

2.i would just like to announce

GUESS WHO’S GOT A FRIDGE FOR HER ROOM?! (cousin redeemed one using her linkpoints for me!!!) breaks out into celebratory dance. Cold grapes and Yakult come to meh.

ok that is all goodnight.