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Having only four hours of sleep last night has robbed me of the ability to beat around the bush so im going to plunge straight in and announce that I’ve won the A day in my future competition, blogger collaboration/social experiment between Oglivy PR and the Council of Third Age!

Thank you so much guys, couldn’t have done it without you- no im serious, actually, not just being a cliche prickhead, because part of the final score is calculated based on Hype and hype you did. Much love. xx

For those of you who dont know what i’m talking about, last month i pretty much dressed up as a grandmother and went partyin partyin yeah ala rebecca black in a bar downtown. And when i say dressed up as a grandmother i mean DRESSED UP AS a grandmother, complete with the fireengine red age suit that is meant to simulate old age. You can read my entry here or peruse the entire photojournal here.

In other news, I got completely pwned by the dryer downstairs last night. Put in coin, check, select cycle, check, it swallowed my money and the timer stated running but my clothes were not drying. I do believe that if this were a Dota game i would be referred to as being first-blooded.. right? That very brief period in my life when all my male friends were forcing me to learn dota for “enrichment of my personal life, it’s for your own good, really!” when all they really wanted was battle fodder has left me with a very strange and limited gaming vocabulary. uhh. FROZEN THRONE. SENTINEL. CRYSTAL MAIDEN. I’M ON YOUR TEAM YOU DIPSHIT DONT KILL ME.