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living alone also includes spending an hour waiting for your clothes to be washed then another hour waiting for them to tumbledry. therefore in this spare hour upon request from some anonymous person:


distressed leather bag in olive from this boutique at harold square

whats in my bag

1. brown envelope clutch that i use as a folder, contained in it: ipaddington, the windows 7 phone from microsoft, my lecture notes for literature and french fresh from the photocopying press.
2. starbucks tumbler. fifty cents off each drink yay for environmentalism. also hot coffee in morning lectures.
3. cream leather wallet from armani new york
4. shades, michael kors.
5. Victoria Secret’s very sexy summer scent for the 2011 summer collection
6. make up kit that came with the bag. Sephora’s liner electro in marine, chanel’s make up kit, sephora’s lipstick in star, stage’s lipstick in red, wet n wild’s lipstick in nude, brown eyeliner from sasa.
7. ipod nano and sony headphones.
8. diana mini wonderland edition.
9. LOVE OF MY LIFE blackberry.
10. i didnt know what this was supposed to be when i bought it, just vaguely wanted a nice new notebook for university.. i suppose it turned into a diary of sorts. also contains my timetable on a postcard.

although the strap of my bag looks deceptively thin and weak causing looks of extreme alarm from various passerbys when they see me lofting my notes into my bag after lectures, i secretly suspect its made from elastic steel.

whats going to be

i have had my eye on a bunch of books from borders for awhile..
but no i need to be a responsible kid i keep having to remind myself that i have actual academic related readings to be done now.

also this popped up on my dash a few days ago

the PS1

i feel like rolling around in the softness of that leather rainbow. there is not a single one i can decisively say no to besides that shiny looking black one at the bottom left. so many. colors!!!

keep forgetting that im a poor student struggling to make ends meet now. between that and the special k cereal i keep in my cupboard in my latest attempt at financial prudery, mentalities and habits of a former phase keep spilling over into this one and whispering to me.
so i spend my nights sitting on my bed reading my novels (i keep forgetting about the academic related readings dang) and dreaming in leather and multicolor.