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Due to my lack of photos of my current (non)life, and also being plagued by the uninterestingness also known as living alone where everything is interesting to me but not necessarily to you (seriously. how many of you want to hear about me discovering about this thing called..dust.), the promise i made two weeks back in new york where i would do a DIY on cooking! has come back to haunt me.

I dont know why i made a promise like that. I need to stop making statements online after 3am because when i am held accountable to them it kind of sucks.

Soo… Meet Henry.

Okay so that’s Henry’s ass, but whatever.
G and I decided to try making Japanese curry, so we bought a raw chicken from Brooklyn’s Target and named him Henry.

Pretty goodlooking eh.

Rest of the ingredients + Pumba from the Times Square Disney shop.
You will need:

Salt and Sugar
bread or buns to dip in your curry
1 Raw Chicken
1 bag of baby carrots
1 bag of broccoli. alternatively if you cant find it, just get the huge head of broccoli and cut it yourself but make sure you dont accidentally cut yourself.
1 french onion (not the small yellowish red one ok. this one is white.)
1 box of vermont curry sauce mix which you can buy from the supermart. it looks like this:

it comes in cubic form, six cubes to a box. you only need to use three for a whole pot of curry which can feed a family of… er.. five.


1. wash Henry.

I am slightly disturbed about how gleeful G looks when she is feeling up a dead raw cold chicken.

2. Chop off the limbs and start cubing them.
Its actually better if you can buy pre-cut chicken so you dont have to deal with tendons and bones and all that which can be a real bitch, especially if you’re not too good with the chopper. We bought a whole chicken cos we couldnt find the pre-cut version.
You also only need the limbs because how much chicken do you want to put in your curry?!?!?!

3. Wash your vegetables and leave the broccoli to soak in a bowl of water because you dont know what sort of bugs/pesticide resides on the leaves. You can also rub in a little salt to kill whatever bacteria there is.

You’re going to end up with something like this:

there was more meat but G was still dicing the rest.

4. Dice your french onion.
For the entire pot of curry you will need about one onion. If you make more you will need two. etc etc.


5. Turn on the fire and put in a block of butter until it sizzles.
It needs to be enough butter to grease the bottom of your pan or else your onions will stick and turn black. Butter also smells super good when sizzling woohoo!

6. Start frying your french onions until they turn slightly translucent.
Nota Bene: onions (actually, veggies too) tend to shrink when fried. So dont think you have a lot of onion already and try to skimp, because you actually dont.


7. Throw in cubed Henry.

Your cubed chicken limbs need to go in once your onions are thoroughly cooked and you need to fry them until they are fully cooked. this is easy because when chicken is cooked the whole thing turns from red to white, its like that japan hot plate thingy! or something.

During this period of time, G and I put in the rest of limb-less Henry to roast in the oven. It was pre-prepared so spices and all were in already.

8. Once Henry is done, put in the veggies and cover with water.

Throw in your broc and carrots, and then pour in enough water to cover the top of everything. Put on the cover and leave it until it boils- this should take approximately 15 minutes. I like to time it by listening to exactly four songs on the ipod.

***you can also add in cubed potatoes? if you want to, boil them and cook them then peel and cube and throw in together with veggies. we didnt because we didnt feel like the extra carbo.***

9. when the water boils, throw in the three cubes of Vermont curry sauce mix.

this is important! if you throw it in before the water boils, you get japanese soup. (we made this mistake) still yummy, but not thick.
leave the curry to thicken, stir occasionally to spread out the sauce.

10. after its totally thickened, dish out and serve with buns.

And there you go! Dinner/lunch for the entire family! or friends. Its really simple and YOU CAN IMPRESS EVERYONE WITH YOUR SUPPOSEDLY SUPERIOR COOKING SKILLS. And it works both ways because they’ll be like omg this is delicious you’re such a good cook and when you go “nah, im alright, it was easy to make”, they’ll just think youre being humble. its Awesome.

*it only keeps for about a day so dont expect to make more of it to last you the entire week ok thats not how it works. dinner today lunch tomorrow maybe even dinner tomorrow but thats it.

It’s also very practical if you want to eat (relatively) healthily and save money because there’s no msg to it and there’s actually a lot of veggies although you dont realise when youre eating it cos everything is so delicious when you put it together! It only costs like less than.. twenty dollars? Assuming you have butter and salt at home already. Split between four of your friends (if you guys cook together) its like 4/5$$ per person which is way cheaper and yummier than like fast food or whatever.

In case you were curious, here’s roasted Henry

LOOKS GOOD OR WHAT?! and Henry tasted so good.

Credits to:
Brooklyn’s target for ALL our ingredients.
My mum for teaching me this.
G for .. er.. feeling up henry.. ok also doing most of the chopping and dicing cos she wanted to learn how to cook.

If anyone decides to try it, let me know how it turned out! 🙂