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I developed my Kodaks yesterday after an afternoon with Charis at Cine. She’s going to New York at the end of the month, i passed her my T-mobile sim card and told her not to go to the statue of liberty.

Memories here and there, i love the sudden jump of surprise you get when you open up the fujifilm envelope and see all the pictures you’d forgotten you’d taken.

remember with me:

Central park and Lincoln square, New York.
Picture #1. this was where an iconic scene in Home Alone 2 was filmed
Picture #2. Candid photos are my favorites. I remember this. G, i called, look at this, she turned and this is what we got.

brazillian japanese fusion restaurant. I think this was midtown Manhattan. Particularly hot day, plus i didnt sleep at all the previous night.


Top of the Rock, Rockafella.

Times Square Homie, y’all.

Clarks, Brooklyn. Sushi Gallery down at the metro station, then tea opposite.
This was my last day in New York

JFK airport, the outskirts of new york. Face bare of make up, waiting to board, dreading the final call.

The first person i made an effort to meet up with after getting back. Hello XQ! at canele, raffles place, getting tea and coffee.

With Sam from Oglivy at Number Five, Emerald Hill.

A woman came up to me when i was in the suit, asked me if i was doing some sort of sexy kinky thing. No, i choked on my laughter, we’re doing a social experiment. she walked away looking completely bemused.

Girls night out with XQ, Daph, Sharlyn. Also known as @thatssoxq, @soyousailedaway and @raincoatgurl on twitter. As previously mentioned, this girls night out consisted them trying to force me to play monopoly deal and me running away.. i dont like card games.

the next morning, i went down to burlington square, triple d.
i need these urgently, by today please i told him
you still have a few shots left on this one he replied


say hi to my elbow.

there you have the tour of my two rolls of film. there are a bunch more, but that’s 27 times 2 exposures and thats too many to post up.

its sunday night, im sitting in my new room. the campus cat i mentioned a few posts earlier? its really a campus cat, not just some cat that wandered onto campus. I found it waiting outside my door. hi, cat. want to come in? i have a box of special k, we can share.

there are orientation groups cheering outside my window. i feel as though im living in a completely separate world. they have uniformed t-shirts! words to cheers i dont know! i feel like an alien. the only other time i have felt like an alien was when i was landing in new york alone, the stewardess discreetly passed me a form with block letters printed across the front, ALL ALIENS MUST FILL IN THIS FORM.

this is what happens when you dont sign up for any orientation or hall camps, jemimah wei.
oddly enough, i dont mind. i have a week of living alone before my roommate shifts in, a week of making this space mine, busying myself with things i need to get done before school starts.

oh yes

check out my nails they look like m&ms! keep having to resist the urge to lick them.

that is all.