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So, i think im in love with my new black suede booties which make my legs look like they go on forever and ever although we both know the truth..

Went downtown to Brooklyn college today under alibis and the guise of California girls for an impromptu mini photoshoot. The campus is gorgeous, it’s won Most Beautiful Campus Of The Year awards amongst the city colleges of new york, Gossip girl has filmed here before and pretended that this was Yale, if im not wrong.

G and I lay back on the grass, tossed the Kodak, Dimitri and the Kiss around (for those of you unfamiliar, the names of my Kodak film, Smena 8 film camera and DSLR respectively) and flashfroze the most beautiful college in new york in film and memory for generations.

I wore my blue dress which my sister often calls overworn because its so convenient that i often just throw it on wherever i go, paired with a black belt from G and black leggings, my new black booties, aviators from H&M, and the suede black fedora. I know it’s a style of dressing that will draw many is that girl crazy looks back in singapore, but i’ve gotten so used to it. Other things ive gotten used to which i probably shouldnt have: Starbucks everyday for breakfast, and then another shot of starbucks in the afternoon when im falling into a lazy daze, sometimes in the evening as well.

We went down to Applebees for cold drinks to shrug off the afternoon heat, then unknowingly spent four hours at Target buying the funniest things (i got a huge fluffy pink towel!!) and developing my film shots which i’ll post up another time. Also, we bought ingredients for dinner which turned out delish- post up a cooking DIY soon. Follow at your own risk- dont say you havent been warned.

My sephora package also arrived this morning with what G thought would be a funny note:

Very funny, G.

I also received an email today cheerfully notifying me of my new residence on the other end of Singapore in hall 7, a non air conditioned hall in NTU. At first i thought it was a practical joke by one of my friends, knowing my aversion to the heat, then i realised it was unfortunately real and went through the seven stages of denial how can this be happening to me? i dont believe it! which resulted in me sitting on the carpet in our Wall Street apartment down Manhattan hugging the bedpost and refusing to leave New York. Also, mint chocolate chip ice cream straight from the tub to numb my shock. Which i am pretty sure i’ll regret in the morning.

I have since been through a number of devious plans including throwing stones at random freshmen until one of them offers to swap dorms with me, making friends with people who can drive, renting an apartment independent of the college near the west, actually getting off my lazy ass and learning how to drive… anyway, i’ve just submitted an email appeal for a change of hall, so pray for me my dear readers and i will love you forever.

BIG BEAR HUGS from the crazy sleep deprived girl (still) sitting on the carpet and drinking tea with her CDC-hater roomie.