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Baseball jacket and red lips, we woke up at 11am today, its the first time in two weeks we’ve seen the other side of noon. AMAZING.

Got our nails done again, G opted for a light lilac by Essie while i got OPI’s turquoise with glitter french tips. For the entire afternoon i couldnt stop admiring how my nails glittered in the sunlight: move over edward cullen because there’s a new sparkly one in town!

Back down SoHo again today to get the stupid tag removed from my silver sweater, i am no longer an accidental criminal.

G and I also got matching handmade anklets for twenty dollars each from this boutique selling the loveliest handmade jewelery ever. Its one of those pinky swear never to take it off friends for life things, which may sound kind of gay but i assure you, our anklets are beautiful. They’re made of braided brown twine with brass beads, gold teardrop shaped charms and turquoise stones interweaved. (also they match my nails heehee)

Shopping down Soho, got a pair of suede black booties with a nice heel, a pair of maroon leather shorts from topshop, a bunch of penguin book postcards. Most of the money i spent today went to Max Brenner’s though- world famous gourmet chocolate restaurant.

Eating world famous chocolate while the restaurant plays Maroon Five classics in the background- priceless.

Made even more amazing was the fact that the very lighting of the restaurant ebbed and flowed with the beat of the music, chocolate brimmed from the pipes running all around the restaurant, down to every little detail the place was amazing!

For those of you dropping by New York, this place is a must-visit:

841 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
(212) 388-0030
Nearest Subway Station: Union Square

Oh yeah and latest news from facebook/twitter updates:

Rebecca Black came out with a new single! She looks and sounds a whole lot better than the horror we all know as Friday, but all i could think of while watching this was dayummn! this song sounds like one of our national day parade songs.

♥ Jem