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Iconic: the word of the day because everything i see in New York- the first word that flashes in front of my eyes, Iconic.

These two days have been really chill. Yesterday, we visited churches- they are really gorgeous, all the architecture in New York is beautiful. Even simple things like walls of the theater or the subway are decorated, positioned for maximum aesthetic pleasure. Makes me wish Singapore made more effort in this aspect, with little everyday things like void decks and the highway and not just tourist spots.

Also visited the 911 memorial site, they’re still rebuilding the world trade center. Flashed back to a place i’ve never been, the magnitude of disaster resonates even today.

I like how New York peppers its concrete jungle with random parks and greenery to break up the monotony of buildings, although i find each building unique, rich, full of texture. This is City Hall Park.

Another thing: everyone in NY has a dog. Okay obviously not everyone, but most people on the streets. Marcus Choy could never live here.

Took a train down to Brooklyn Heights to visit G’s old dorm, it’s really lovely. Went to meet Vik and Jon for dinner at the Brooklyn Heights Cafe, had a charbroiled beef burger, thought to myself, im never eating a beef burger in singapore again.
went for a walk down the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Promenade.

Remember how i posted a photo of the Brooklyn skyline from Manhattan?
Here’s the Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn area.

Jon was talking about how amazing the Manhattan night lights are, and i proudly announced that Singapore’s river lights at night are on par with, if not better than the NY skyline.
Honestly, i do think that Singapore has one of the most beautiful night skylines, what with random water light shows and fireworks and glittering lights everywhere.

Black and white Woody Allen film screening in the open air, everyone sat on the grass and lay back, indulged in old school films.
This is what i mean when i lament the lack of consumption of the arts in Singapore, would like it if Singapore held more of these events.

…Also, should really stop comparing NY to Singapore.

Playing pool at night with G, Vik, Jon, Alex. I sat at the corner and messed around with the new phone.

Back at the apartment, my Starbucks double shot kicked in, G and I stayed up and talked till 4am, watched mean girls till 6am, looked up, SUNRISE!!!

It’s really easy to lose track of time here. Crashed at 6am, woke up today at 5…pm.

Starbucks! I thrive on starbucks here.

We got caught in the rain and the trains stalled because of debris on the track (apparently someone fell on the tracks and died yesterday) (apparently this happens a lot here) (remind me not to go near the tracks) so we sook refuge in a nearby french patisserie, drenched and freezing.

Hot soup on a cold wet day, best feeling EVER.

Went to Midtown West after the rain let up, hit the malls for awhile, got a new armani wallet and a pair of sony headphones and a bunch of stuff from Borders, was so impressed by the wholefoods marketplace in the basement.

Vik and George.

Walked over to Lincoln Center after- its beautiful. The New York Ballet performs there, as does the New York Phil Harmonic. G told me that dancers dream of performing on this stage, i gaped, wondered and marveled at the majestic theater hosting so much talent that it overflowed, seeped into the very concrete of the building.

drowning in a symphony of gold and velvet

Went to Lincoln’s AMC cinema to watch Transformers III in IMAX 3D after that. The largest screen in the world!!!! shouted the sign, okay, i thought, lets give it a shot.

..The screen was HUGE.

I also really really liked transformers, i dont care if the storyline was lacking, i thought the graphics were KICKASS. the screen was so huge we had to literally turn our heads all the way to see stuff going on on the other end of the screen.

After the movie, walking along the streets of Midtown West, i somehow managed to fall down. One bloody mangled knee coming right up. G was more freaked out than i was, i was kind of like oh look, nasty, not again. Walk it off, walk it off. Im fine though.

I;m blogging in such stilted tones because 1. i am exhausted although i had a good 12 hours sleep 2. i suspect the drowsy medicines have something to do with this 3. i need to sleep now, am waking up early to skype my family back home, its my baby sister’s birthday!!!!!!

More photos here: one, two

Okay out.