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Its my last day of work today, and i swear: leaving a full time job you’ve been in for six months feels like you’re breaking up with somebody/ getting out of a relationship. I announced this during lunch, like the drama queen i am, and you should have seen my colleagues’ faces. Pearlyn choked on her ginger ale. (yeah that’s ginger ale up there, i dont know why it’s so misleadingly labelled hoegarden)

I supposed it makes a difference because this is my first legit full time job- most people get confused as to whether i’m an intern due to my age, but i’m actually their full time writer- and i really really love my job despite the immense amount of pressure that comes with it. I’ll be staying on on a consultant/freelance basis, but it just aint the same.

We went to Barpazza for my farewell lunch earlier on

We’ve been to Barpazza several times for client meetings and team lunches, and it serves the most nomzz italian food ever! I personally like the smoked salmon ceasar salad, and the pizzas are to die for.

Most of my colleagues from the Media Contacts division under Havas Media- sans Miko and Aaron who have clients breathing down their necks and literally couldnt leave their desks… That’s media for you.

I just made you hungry didnt i.


Walked around the office area today with my eyes opened wide, slowly, taking in everything. what are you doing christel asked, and i said im absorbing everything because i wont be able to see this for a really long time. Felt oddly sad, felt like I was leaving behind something good. I really am going to miss all of it, the writing, the social media planning, the media work, the long meetings, the coffee machine, the nonsense banter that goes on in the office.

The constant presence of deadlines and timelines and all sorts of lines have become such a fixture in my life that i will feel oddly empty without them, a certain sense of purpose, direction and accomplishment gone. On the other hand, i stride on into New York next week, a new chapter, but still holding on to lingering wisps of this period in my life

Feels so final.

What. WHAT. If you were leaving your permanent full time job of half a year (and i dont have many years to begin with ok im a teenager) you would feel sad too okay. You wouldnt? …I bet you wouldnt feel sad if a puppy fell into a river either. Goodness, what is wrong with you? Heartless people.

Gift of Cupcake from Desh of MPG, the offline team.

Last night was made of more of the same stuff, the constant awareness that this is probably the lasts time i’m going to be doing this for awhile. Goodness, im your regular drama queen arent i. But still.

Went for Microsoft’s Influencer Engagement event at Number 5, Somerset, with Christel. Refuse to post up the photos taken with xtel’s iphone because i look ridiculous in low light i look like something the cat dragged in, and the official event photographer hasnt sent over the photos/i dont know where to get them, so.

It was really enjoyable- met @daphnemaia from twitter finally, and some of the microsoft people as well. They created a new cocktail after every new product or software they’re launching- and Christel went straight for the Sexplorer. No prizes for guessing what it was named after..

OKAY INTERNET BROWSER. NEW INTERNET EXPLORER BROWSER. dont start giving me lewid suggestions lol.

Anyway, they were incredibly generous- they’re lending me the new Window’s 7 phone to bring to New york for a month so i can tweet,fb and blog on the go! Will write a proper review of the phone after the trip- thank you so much for last night, Microsoft! 🙂

Personally think the user interface looks gorgeous, cant wait to try it out!

Well, that’s about all from me. Going to sit in a corner and contemplate my new state of life.
ding ding ding ding dramaqueen alert ding ding ding

on the other hand, i get to sleep in tomorrow!!!

Okay bye.