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Ladies and Gentlemen i work in a world where Tiffany and Co giftbags are doled out as door gifts.

I need to go sit in a corner, have a cup of tea, wrap my head around this level of wealth. I suddenly feel extremely conscious of my status as a teenage writer surviving on a teenage writer’s salary.

On a more down to earth note, I’m going fabric hunting with Ranice Narnia Tan this wednesday. This is due to the insistence of my peers telling me to get off my lazy ass and actually realize some of my doodles/sketches. I am a victim of peer pressure, anyone wants to interview me/use me as a case study? On the other hand, i suppose that means i’ll be getting a whole new wardrobe.

Also, i got it into my head this morning that i was somewhat decent with my craftwork (LIES) and bought a hundred silver leathercraft studs off ebay. Also, uhh… (guilty look) Red glitter Toms online. But i need flats/proper functional/practical shoes for university!!! I cant wear my heels all the time. Nods to self and continues making up feeble half assed excuses…

That’s all i really dropped by to say. i need to get back to my writing now and earn my keep.