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I went for a night swim today after work, which in retrospect may not have been such a good idea. In fact, i am pretty sure it was a bad idea. I am 99.9% sure it was a bad idea. In the middle of my swim, i became uncomfortably aware of the fact that i was thirsty.

It then occurred to me that i was thirsty while swimming in a Pool Of Water and it was (at that time) so funny that i burst out into uncontrollable laughter.

while swimming.

Thank God it was a private pool.
(On a brief sidetrack, i like private pools and i like swimming because swimming clears my head and allows me to think. You know how sound is all distorted and blurry underwater? I love it- its like i have my own little bubble. I get annoyed as hell when im trying to swim and someone keeps trying to talk to me, i think that’s why ive completely given up swimming with friends. Also, if you talk to me and i suddenly immerse my head in water, you know what i think of you.)

I unavoidably inhaled water while laughing – did i mention that i was laughing in MID SWIM- and i think some of that water must have gotten into my brain because i came home and the notion of Namecards presented itself to me.

It went something like this:

“Namecards namecards i have a new stack of em yay they just arrived that day when i was running short! What is the point of a namecard anyway i use mine as bookmarks who on earth remembers or bothers to look at my namecard after we part ways anyway are name cards supposed to be memorable or just some sort of gesture of politeness when doing business ..?”

and then

“hey dont i have some hello kitty stamps i bought a few months ago on impulse but never got round to using?”

Resulting in:


After stamping about a hundred namecards with my fred perry-esque hello kitty design in red ink, it occurred to me that my boss may not be best pleased with what i did to my namecards.

(small voice) but at least now im memorable…

Oh sweet cheesecakes what was i thinking.

I also got really kind of bored while at home and me + boredom + still under the effects of post-swim-laugh-waterlogged-brain = sitting down and photographing my shoes.


SO, whilst on the topic of my legendary self control..
Got these today. Authentic brown leather, slightly too big but they were the only pair left and im sure i can stuff newspaper into the toes or something…
Also, five pairs of socks.

Well, in my defence, they are very nice heels/socks. Also, i do think i deserve to splurge a little on myself after the amount i spent in GNC last week on my parents (multivitamin fish oil and some french bark vitamin thingy) and sisters (PSLE/Olevel year so they need.. ginko.. pills.. i think) and also the Gold VIP GNC card the saleswoman coerced me into buying.

If anyone wants to buy vitamins please tell me ok i have a 20% off storewide or something like that.


YAY shoez. Nothing, and i mean nothing, weakens my money-saving resolve like a good pair of shoes. On the plus side,i have been spending very little money on lunch because i have a box of nestle cereal in my drawer and soya bean in the office fridge heh heh yummy self made lunches here i come!

……..i really, really, really dont want to see bossman’s reaction to my new namecards.