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Have started sketching again as of late thanks to an impulse sketchpad buy a few weeks ago, gotten pretty rusty. Its been what, some four years since i last kept a serious sketchbook after dropping out of Art Elective?

Yesterday i started on my FIRST EVER EPISODE of big bang theory… yes i know i am “very late for the party” as lowernest so eloquently put it, alongside about 24 other tweeps expressing similar sentiments of disbelief. You can wipe that judgmental look off your face now please and thank you.

Anyway i do not know why i have not started on this show before. its hilarious! I wish i knew a sheldon cooper in real life although i might actually.. hit.. him.. everytime.. he.. speaks..

I found myself replying to Sheldon and Leonard onscreen and laughing out loud suddenly much to the bewilderment of my family members. Should i be worried? Talking to moving pixels on my computer screen. Is it normal to talk to characters onsceen as if they’re right next to you?

I dont think so.
Oh dear.

Check it out!


Poster. Leonard reminds me of Bentwy.

Let us assume you were curious and asked, so: why thank you for asking, this morning for breakfast i had Subway’s new Deli egg-cheese toasted bun. It tasted like normal egg-cheese buns except i could add my own veggies and sauces and etcetera etcetera.

So, nothing mind blowing this morning as of yet. I bought a pair of nude flatforms online yesterday. I am looking forward to lunch because i want an excuse to eat the Nestle cereal sitting in my office desk drawer.

Work has been interesting.
I am kind of annoyed with myself. It’s been almost a week since i said i’d start on The Awakening by Chopin, but i’ve been so sleepy and preoccupied with shows (like bbt) that i have not. For shame! I have not started on The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter either. What i have done this week: invent a new word.

XQ: so, are you going to Bali with us?
Me: idk yet, can i confirm with you all later? i may not be in town then either.
Me: Sighazour
XQ: !?!?!? wth is sighazour?
Me: A sighing dinosaur.
Me: Obviously.
XQ: …

sometimes i pity XQ. she has to keep up with all my nonsense.

I am in kind of a weird mood today.