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Lets get this straight once and for all

Formspring is NOT a platform for solicitation.

Call me conventional, but i am not going to tolerate any bawdy comments or requests, and if i get one more request or comment asking me 1. weird 2. perverted things i will delete your comment.

Also, if i feel like you are demanding answers from me about 1. my personal life 2. things rudely put 3. basically things which are none of your business, i will ignore/delete your FS and it will never see the light of day.

I am not an answering machine. (that said,i usually answer very nicely to nicely put/polite FS/emails okay. i like nice people who doesnt)

Okay with that all said and done, DID YOU KNOW THAT ICE CREAM IS A CHINESE DESSERT?!?!?! been bursting to say that the entire day. Now i can enjoy my soft serve and tell everyone im soaking in my own culture. #AZNPRIDE


bumped into nurin on the train yesterday heeeheeeheee.

iphone users: that was a free camera app called LEMELEME and it works really well too! go find the download link yourself in the appstore

oh yes, and this is copied from my FS.

What did you dream about last night?

i was in a water theme park with a phone and a piece of papyrus paper, i was floating around trying to keep them out of the water’s way because i didnt want them to get wet. When we were approaching the huge waterfall bit of the theme park, i panicked because i was afraid of the splash, but then i found myself in a car.

I turned around and asked the girl next to me: how did i get here?
she said: we dried off after the ride and he (gestured to another friend in the front seat) offered to send us home
i asked her again to be sure: i walked over here with you?
her: yes, you even joked about having to dry off your blackberry in a packet of rice
me: i dont remember any of this

It was like one minute i was approaching the waterfall so rapidly and the next minute i was in the car. There was this huge gaping memory hole in between.

It was such a weird dream.

Thought i’d put it here. Its been two days and that dream still sticks.

It has been a bad couple-a days for me over here, to be honest, so forgive me if i dont reply your texts.